Why must I grovel at your feet and beg for forgiveness?

Why must I do something unthinkable and strange to make you realise?

I have changed!

Are my silent victory and my slight amendments not enough to make you see?

I have regrets but I’m trying to break free.

I’m learning to take pride in my battle scars and my raging wounds.

Why must I suffer and scream in agony for you to believe?

This is the new me!


I ask,


Do I need to lose my dignity in order to recreate me?

Is it not enough that my wings burned and my limbs fractured in this fight for my fate?

Must I also lose my newfound dignity and self-esteem in order for you to be pleased with me?

Like a broken record,

I must keep  on repeating;

forgive me,

forgive me.

Oh, how else could I be free?

I perished in the flames within me.

I am drowning in the ocean.

But I’m learning to rise above the tide.


Let me breathe.




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