A Manual for my dreams

Walking Thoughts


A manual for my dreams,
The first day I see you;
Your sweet name,
A whisper.
Strawberry sorbet on a summer afternoon,
Mango ice cream trickling down my chin –
I miss you, I miss you.
I miss you like the cherry blossom tree in my backyard,
Blooming in spring,
Shedding its leaves,
Coming alive again,
Always omnipresent.
I miss, I miss what we used to be!
The cherry blossom tree I admired from afar,
Now a resident in me.
Beautiful to look at,
Then it sheds its leaves.
Our whirlwind romance
Was a cherry blossom tree.
It’s arrival signified spring
It shed it’s leaves all too soon!
All too soon,
We ended.
Explosive like dynamite,
Beautiful like the coming of spring.
The changing of colours,
The rustling of leaves.
Sweat trickling down my back,
My hair in a tight knot braid.
It’s springtime in…

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I am the raging sky in a bustling city. A storm of unsaid emotions. A whirlpool of unresolved feelings. I am ruffled feathers, And unheard sounds. A collection of stories, A book of memories. But I still remain a mystery. I suppose its only natural for, I am a mortal being, a trespasser in this … Continue reading Legacy

Reach out

Don't doubt the energy within! You are made of galaxies and stars, Cosmos and stardust. Other people can't see, what you see They breathe a different air. They Dance to different tunes You, my friend, are greater, greater than any doubt, greater than any hurtful comment, any degrading words, they throw at you. Who's they? … Continue reading Reach out

The Man Himself

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Too Much

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Like the wind that never stops blowing, Like the birds that never stop chirping, Like the Sun that rises every morning; Like the tides of the ocean, Constant. Steady. Moving at a gentle pace. Receding and approaching. Giving birth to life where once there was nothing but barren desert. The arms of my lover find … Continue reading Surrender