His eyes stare deeply into mine.

Just like that.

He reaches into the depths of my soul,

into the recesses of my muddled brain,

prying out my deepest secrets.

I am allowing myself to admit things I never thought I could.

He’s peeling off my layers.

Nothing but the skin remains.

He hasn’t even touched me.


my body is tingling.

I wonder,

is it possible to feel this way?

Every nerve ending is stimulated.

All my senses are heightened.

I am acutely aware of everything.

Our shallow breaths,

our beating hearts,

our treacherous bodies,

angling towards each other of their own accord.

I have a feeling,

this meeting is so much more than two lovers meeting,

meeting to have a clandestine affair.

Its a union of our souls.

A dance as old as time.

Everything flows on its own.

Time and space have ceased to matter.

We are immersed in our own infinity.

In this moment,

the Universe is fluid.

It moves around us,

careful not to disturb our sanctuary.

Creating a way for us intentionally.

We have made love without even undressing.



Why must I grovel at your feet and beg for forgiveness?

Why must I do something unthinkable and strange to make you realise?

I have changed!

Are my silent victory and my slight amendments not enough to make you see?

I have regrets but I’m trying to break free.

I’m learning to take pride in my battle scars and my raging wounds.

Why must I suffer and scream in agony for you to believe?

This is the new me!


I ask,


Do I need to lose my dignity in order to recreate me?

Is it not enough that my wings burned and my limbs fractured in this fight for my fate?

Must I also lose my newfound dignity and self-esteem in order for you to be pleased with me?

Like a broken record,

I must keep  on repeating;

forgive me,

forgive me.

Oh, how else could I be free?

I perished in the flames within me.

I am drowning in the ocean.

But I’m learning to rise above the tide.


Let me breathe.




Like the wind that never stops blowing,

Like the birds that never stop chirping,

Like the Sun that rises every morning;

Like the tides of the ocean,



Moving at a gentle pace.

Receding and approaching.

Giving birth to life where once there was nothing but barren desert.

The arms of my lover find me.

Out in the dark valleys,

In the land of unknown and unseen,

My feet shredded from the long journey,

My lips parched from thirst;

My body a haunting reminder of what it used to be,

My eyes sunken in exhaustion,

I hear the sound.

The sound of someone who knows the lyrics to my melody.


The relief is staggering;

Enough to bring me to my knees,

I bow my head in prostration,

Gratitude spilling out of me,

And I surrender myself irrevocably.

Why Sufism? 

An outstanding piece by a very talented writer.
Bow down to your Creator for this world is temporary!

arfa masihuddin

Whether you prefer to crawl, sprint, swim, or walk from one place to another, you can enjoy closeup views of Earth’s inexhaustible supply of things to notice. You might see a vein of pink limestone on the wall of a canyon, a ladybug eating an aphid on the stem of a rose, a clamshell poking out of the sand. All you have to do is look. 

– Space Chronicles, Neil degrasse Tyso 

All you have to do is feel.

A hundred thousand years ago and a hundred thousand years later, the human race has, and will struggle with the same fear – the fear of vulnerability, the fear of losing, the fear of betrayal. Hand in hand with that fear, they will protect those close to their heart with a protectiveness that hurts. Like holding a child’s hand while crossing the road, but holding it too tightly.

As flawed humans, as…

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Rewritten History

I was fifteen when the war started.

Only I didn’t know it back then.

I was in my cocoon.

Safe and sound.

My bubble of privilege kept me guarded.

I didn’t weep when my fellow countrymen were massacred.

I didn’t weep for all the women who lost their dignity.

I didn’t care for you.

I only cared for me.

The world wasn’t crashing around me.

I was safe and happy.

But now they have come for me,

and they refuse to leave.

Bolted doors and heavy artillery isn’t enough to keep them out.

I am screaming and wailing,

crying to the skies above,

yelling at the world;

notice me,

notice what is happening.

Stop this, please!

I never imagined it would be so scary,

frightened is no longer a feeling,

it is a state of being.

I am constantly frightened,

always terrified;

I am on my toes and my knees,

waiting and whispering for a miracle to happen to me;

but all I hear is the empty silence

and the echoes of my pleas.

I can see the accusation in your eyes.

Where were you when I was suffering?

They have killed us all

and taken away everything.

Now there’s no one left to protect me.

I did not care when they came for you,

I was safe in my cocoon,

protected by my privilege.

But now, my privilege cannot save me,

Machine guns and heavy artillery display unwavering loyalty,

They don’t care about my liberty.

They ‘ll shoot and shoot

until everything perishes into

Ashes and dust.

Bones and crust.

They came for me,

but there was no one left to save me.

If only I had heard you when you called for me,

together we would have rewritten history.


Dear Younger Me!

Dear younger me,

If I could give you one piece of advice –

An advice that would last you a lifetime –

It would be this:

Love yourself.

Love yourself first and love yourself unconditionally,

love your flaws and your beauty,

love yourself the way you are.

Believe me when I say this:

All good things stem from self-love,

no truer form of love exists.

Do not change yourself,

I simply ask you to love yourself.

Because my darling, when you will,

everything else will fall into place.

Your flaws will cease to mean anything.

They will no longer disgust you

or terrify you.

There will be no sense of urgency

to rid yourself of what fate gave you.

There will just be love

and the sweetness

of poignant and passionate discovery.


So when you cry at night,

thinking why it has to be this way,

wishing for things to be different,


the world doesn’t owe you a thing,

no one owes you a damn thing.

Understand and remember this,

engrave it in your heart and mind

and watch;

Watch how the tears stop,

and how your resolve strengthens.

For then, my dear,

the injustices of this world will cease to make you weep.

You won’t be a victim anymore.

You’ll be the captain of your soul.

Master of your fate.

Light of the universe.